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NOMO LED Indoor Lighting Series Products Successfully Pushed into Domestic Market

2010-02-12 22:20:48 NOMO LED Lights Read

NOMO launched Plan A to promote the wide use of LED indoor lighting products among common consumers. Almost 200 items including LED bulbs, tubes, par lights, panel lights, spotlights, etc. have been successfully pushed into domestic market with the high price-performance. All the indoor items launched can be widely applied in hotels, supermarkets, offices, shipping mall, metros, hospital, residential area, etc..
The biggest barrier for LED indoor lighting products popularization is the high price. The main purpose of NOMO " plan A " is to realize mass procurement, mass logistics and mass production via technological revolution, business model innovation and integration of industrial up and down streams, which make expensive LED indoor lighting products become relatively cheap items for mass consumers. NOMO has broken the threshold of price with its powerful strength and integration abilities. Product quality and after services will become the attention focus in the near future.

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