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NOMO all in one solar street lights exploded diagram

2017-03-17 11:40:28 NOMO LED Lights Read

If it is your first time to see all in one solar street lights, the following exploded diagram will help you to understand what is all in one solar street lights.


First of all, you will see all in one solar street lights are assembly by serveral differents parts, solar panel, battery, controller, housing, led chip, ( not more than these)ect. It is generally made with integrated design, and looks very simple but contain very much elements. 


The technology of all in one solar street lights are optimized solution and revolution from traditional solar street lights, it is more stable and more convenient for users, and advanced update for its performance.

lifepo4 battery.jpglifepo4 battery.jpg

So it is the future for the real solar street lights, and surely will bring more benefit for the peoples who are using it. 

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