Smart Solar street light application in South America

All in one smart solar street light

Hyperion 5000,

Hyperion 8000-CCTV


Need all in one solar
led street light and should have a smart system to control the solar
lights. The main concept is wireless, lighting and video communicated by
WIFI. The communication between lamps is by ZIGBEE.


The camera must be
compatible in America and the application must be at least in English.
The camera need to be assembled with the all in one solar street lights
and the energy of the camera should be from the battery of solar street
light, which means no need to install a new energy for the CCTV.


Our solution:

According to customer’s
requirement, we suggest him choose our all in one solar street light
Hyperion series, we customized to add camera and RTU.

In the DTU, we developed a new 4G module and tested a long time, it is very stable in US market.


All lights are good
performance. We already have energy in the lamps and already finished
the configuration. The location can be updated and we can adjust the
parameters as we want. They are really good products.

Nowadays, there have
more demands to solar street light whose function is not only for
lighting, but also should be smart. While it was installed the CCTV, it
can monitor the situation of the road and stored the video in the SD
card. While it was installed the RTU and DTU, people could adjust the
lighting time, lighting mode, brightness, monitor the charging time and
discharging time to analyze the status of the solar street light.

With the development of
science and technology, the cloud computing will probably be applied in
the solar street lights and solar storage energy system area on a large
scale in the near future. As long as the solar street lights install
the CCTV, RTU and DTU, When the CCTV monitor some critical situation, it
can inform notification message to the manager and call the police
automatically. With the RTU and DTU, even It could adjust the lighting
brightness and lighting mode according to the weather forecast and
previous related data. I believe this day will come soon and we are also
ready by constantly improving our solar street light quality and solar
street light management system.