Pole solar street light for Smart City

When it comes to street lights, the first impression of many people is LED lights. Strictly speaking, if you want to install street lights, you need to provide not only lights but also lamp poles, both of which are indispensable.
The Helios pole solar street light developed by NOMO is a practical light that integrates LED lamp and lamp post, with aesthetics feeling and high quality.
Compared with traditional solar street lights, this vertical pole solar street light has many advantages. Conventional solar street lights will cover a lot of dust during long-term use, and this vertical pole solar street light will be almost free of dust because the solar panel is installed vertically on the pole, so it can maintain efficient charging for a long time. Because the solar panels of pole solar street lights are vertically distributed around the poles, they can collect maximum sunlight.

In addition, the battery is the most important component of the solar street light system. If you want to extend the life of solar street lights, you need to choose highquality batteries. NOMO has always put quality in the first place. All solar street lights use highquality lithium iron phosphate batteries. This battery has good stability, more than 4,000 cycles, and highperformance multiple protection, including BMS and MPPT controller protection. In addition, unlike many other solar street lights whose batteries are buried under the ground, the battery pack of the Helios pole solar street light is sealed with an aluminum shell and installed inside the light post. It has good heat dissipation performance, better waterproof performance, and constant temperature performance, and is very easy to maintain too.

Because pole solar street lights are installed on the road, considering the relatively high wind situation in some countries, pole solar street lights need very good wind resistance. According to the principle of mechanics, the triangular type is the most stable and safe, and NOMO produces the triangular pole solar street light. Compared with other shapes of pole solar street light, the triangular pole solar street light has an excellent wind resistance level. Aesthetics need to be considered, and the three sides of the light post are all curved design, smooth surface. As pole solar street lights are recognized by more large projects, more and more manufacturers have also joined the research and development of pole solar street lights, that’s why different shapes of pole solar street lights have emerged in the market, such as round pole solar street lights, hexagonal pole solar street lights and so on. However, if the wind speed in the installed area is relatively stronger, it is recommended to choose the triangular pole solar street lights.

The Helios pole solar street lights is customized products, developed by NOMO. Regarding the modular design of the solar panel, different pole height, different project requirements, you can install different numbers of solar panels on the pole, such as 5M pole solar street lights, which can be arranged. 1 section or 2 sections of customized solar panels, 6M pole-type solar street lights, you can arrange 1, 2 or 3 sections of customized solar panels. The snap-on solar panel design is perfectly combined with the aluminum pole.

In order to better meet the needs of different projects and different customers, NOMO pole solar street lights have a variety of lamp heads for option, conventional LED lamp heads or NOMO hot-selling Hyperion series integrated solar street lights. These two lamp head have their own advantages. Conventional LED lamp head is an European style, which is particularly suitable for European-style applications. For the same height of pole solar street lights, the Hyperion series has more overall power generation due to the additional solar panels on the top of the lamp head.and has a longer backup days.