Solar’s Role in The 2024 Paris Olympics

The Aquatics Centre stands as the only newly constructed pemanent faclty for the Pars Games. This entre exemplies th Olympic deals of nmovaton ad sutanabit, is distinguished by is expansive 4.680 square melers of photovolaic panels,esablisting i as one ofFrance’s ovemost urban solar farms.This subsantalintegraion ofsolatenergy not only furils the Centre’s power requirements but also […]

The 2024 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Returns in Early Summer, Interpreting the “Light + Era – Practice Infinite Light” – GILE

    On June 9th, the 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, GILE) and the Guangzhou International Building Electrical Technology Exhibition (Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology, GEBT) grandly opened at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, Area A and B!   It is reported that this exhibition has gathered the […]

Indian startup releases new hybrid wind-solar street light system

India’s WindStream Energy Technologies has developed a hybrid wind-solar street light system for hilly, coastal, and rural areas. India’s WindStream Energy Technologies has developed a hybrid wind-solar-powered LED street light system that generates more energy per square foot than a solar street light. It recently launched the off-grid lighting system by installing it at the […]

Solar Powered Street Light in Niger Delta: The NDDC Initiative

By Willie Etim The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is leading Nigeria’s charge in renewable energy implementation. Dr. Sam Ogbuku, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of NDDC, has embarked on the implementation of the “Lighting Up the Niger Delta Project”, which aims to light up every community in the region. In pursuing this […]

ltaly, Spain, Portugal Break Daily Solar Generation Records

ltaly, Spain, and Portugal broke daily records for PV generation during the week of May 20, according to analysis from Spanish consultlancy AleaSot Enegy ForecasingThe Spanish and Portuguese markets registered 196 GWh and 21 GWh on May 24, while the liaian market ecorded 142 GWh on Ma 28.These records conriued o achmarket increasing weekly solar […]

Shenzhen NOMO Solar Lighting Engages With New And Old Friends At The 135th Canton Fair

Shenzhen,China -Shenzhen NOMO SolrLighting Co. ,Ltd. a leading imovator in the soar lighting industy is xcted to announce is partcipalion in the 135th China lmportand Export Fair(Canton Fair , where it met a wealth of new and old fiends,fostered industy discussions and strengthened business relationships. The Canion Failtk nown as the largest fai of it […]

Detroit Solar Streetlight Program Tests Community Ownership

A community-led nonprofit in metro Detroit has begun installing solar-powered streetlights a decade after a utility repossessed over a thousand of the area’s light poles. The effort is meant as a proof of concept in a quest to create a community-owned grid in a small city that’s predominantly Black and has a median income of […]

The Emergence of Solar Light Beads: A Sustainable Lighting Revolution

Introduction Solar light beads, a novel and innovative approach to harnessing renewable energy for illumination, have been gaining significant attention in recent years. This technology, which integrates solar cells with LED lights, offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting methods. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into the latest news, developments, and […]

The 12th Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition Was Grandly Held

From March 3rd to 8th the 12th Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition was grandly held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany.Nomo debuted with a series of star products such as HP1000 and Self-  cleaning solar street light. Since 1999, the Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition has become an imporant international exhibtion in the professional field and […]

The 133st China Import and Export Fair

Solar street lamps have become a highlight in the lighting area of the 133rd Canton Fair.These street lights are a new product launched by Shenzhen NOMO Electronics Co., LTD., which uses the most advanced solar energy technology and can be powered entirely by solar energy without any external power supply. According to the relevant person […]

Win High Tech Industry Certificate for Innovation and Excellence

In a move that underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence, NOMO GROUP has been awarded a prestigious high tech industry certificate. The certificate recognizes the company’s outstanding work in the development and implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions that have made a significant impact on the industry. The certificate was awarded by a panel […]

NOMO being selected into the 2022 Shenzhen Innovative Enterprises

November 30, 2022. The Bao’an District Government of Shenzhen announced the 2022 evaluation list of innovative enterprises. NOMO Group Co., Ltd. is impressively listed. The list is mainly based on the relevant provisions of the “Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Gradient Cultivation and Management of High-quality Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” and has gone […]