Solar LED street lights are lights made of a crystalline silicon PV panel (power supply), smart controller, lithium or lead-acid battery (stock power), higher LED source and other components. A special PIR sensor can provide smart control capabilities or multi-function extension.

The all-in-one solar street light features a more efficient mono PV panel, long lifespan LiFePO4 lithium battery, brighter brand LED, smart controller and PIR sensor in one cabinet. The AE Series is easy to install—it takes two workers only five minutes to finish installation and no heavy equipment is required.

1. Car lane: average illumination, illumination uniformity and lengthways uniformity, glare limit, surround ratio and inductivity

2. Sidewalk: average illumination, mix illumination and vertical illumination


Solar Panel – 25 Year limited warranty on construction
Controller – 5 Year limited warranty
Battery – 5 Year limited warranty
Auto Cleaning Accessories– 2 Year limited warranty