High Mast Light is preferred over conventional lighting, because it can achieve a larger space of height to ratios. NOMO’s ASTRO is newest high mast light, which has a mix of the improved latest technology on solar energy, LED lighting and IOT street lighting of an intelligent Data Transmitting Unit as well as a perfect new green environmental energy-saving protection. The uniqueness of this design has special sources that can be adjusted in any angle 360 degrees Azimuth and any direction where illumination is required.

Solar Panel 120W
Maximum Light Output 10000LM
Battery – Type Newest-generation LIFEPO4 battery
Battery Capacity 825WH
Battery-Service Life 8 Years at 70% DoD and at 45°ambient
Light Source-Type High Efficiency LED
Light Head Lifetime 100,000hours to LM80 specifications
Optical Efficiency >93%
Solar panel- Service Life 25Years
Solar Cells Very High Efficiency- Proprietary Solar Cells
Controller Microprocessor based Energy Management and Wireless Communications
Recommended Pole Height <20m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1307*517*155mm
Optional Temperature -15℃ to + 70℃
Wireless Network Zigbee Proprietary Wireless Network allows Remote
Management and Control of Lights using Internet or
GSM.One gateway(DTU) per 200 lights and all the
gateways report to a central control room.

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Astro-10000 is a multi-functional light, can be used as either integrated or split solar street light.


For catching maximum sunlight and meeting different lighting demands, Astrol has an adjustable tailstock, three degrees for option, 15 degrees, 25 degrees and 35 degrees.

360° Rotation Lamp Head