NOMO’s HELIOS displays a Highly Tall Standing, Uniquely Shaped form and well-designed Solar Street Pole light. Having Not only a first impression appearance (look), but a strong wind resistance that have light weight solar panels on top of the pole as well as a best performance to absorb directly sunlight from any angle during the day, with a performance of higher level operating reliability. Additionally it has more sophisticated technology that can prevent dust, snow, bird poop, or any applications from garden and landscape issues, which often leads to reducing the generated power efficiency and also cause charge failure.

Luminous flux 10000lm
Colour temperature WW3200K;NW4200K;CW5500K(Customized)
Colour rendering index(CRI) > 85
LED life time (LM80) > 100000hours
Dimensions(L x W x H) 420x320x130mm
Weight 4.5kg
Material Aluminium
Wind class 35m/s
Pole size 221x221x207mm
Pole weight 31kg
Pole length 5m
Flange plate weight 17kg
Surface treatment Anodic oxidation
PV-Technology Monocrystalline silicon
Number of PV 4pcs
Pmax 160Watt
Pole solar panel size 1285 x 176mm
Pole solar panel Weight 2.4kg/pc
Dynamic light profile Customer-specific
Capacity 1000WH
Type Newest-generation LiFePO4 Battery
Dimensions(L x W x H) app. 328x143x85mm
Weight 8kg
ISO ISO 9001-2015
Illumination According EN 13201
Light pole EN 40-5, EN40-3-1, ISO 1461
Ingress protection rating IP65
EMC EN 55015, EN 61547
Photovoltaics EN 61215 (adapted)
Temperature range -15 °C to +70 °C
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