NOMO’s exclusive labor-saving robotic self-cleaning solar street light, is specially created to offer a wide range of applications, especially in places where it seldom rains. Our solar street lights can self clean the dust or any other particles from the surface of the solar panel. It’s a great advantage to have a built-in self-cleaning system. Setting by oneself commanding twice a day, swipe cleaning back and forth that totals up to 4 slides via our Data Transmitting Unit. Time setting can be adjusted in your favor from your account on DTU.

Solar Panel 120W
Light Output 12064LM
Battery – Type Newest-generation LIFEPO4 battery
Battery Capacity 900WH
Battery-Service Life 8 Years at 70% DoD and at 45°ambient
Light Source-Type High Efficiency LED 
Light Head Lifetime 100,000hours to LM80 specifications
Solar panel- Service Life 25Years
Solar Cells Very High Efficiency- Proprietary Solar Cells
Controller Microprocessor based Energy Management and Wireless Communications
Recommended Pole Height <12m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1495*514*87mm
Optional Temperature -20C°to + 70C°
Protection Rating IP6
Wireless Network Zigbee Proprietary Wireless Network allows Remote
Management and Control of Lights using Internet or
GSM.One gateway(DTU) per 200 lights and all the
gateways report to a central control room.


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Solar panel efficiency will be decreased greatly if the dust, sand, bird droppings or others accumulated on the panel. This self-cleaning function on the light can solve this problem, it's 100% self-sufficiency: twice a day, swipe cleaning back and forth. And time setting can be adjusted conveniently via our patent smart lighting control system.


Indicator Unique switch indicators can help you easily understand the working state of the lamp.

MPPT Controller

The fourth generation controller is more efficient and stable than the third generation controller. At the same time, it has the Internet of Things function and automatic cleaning function of solar panels.

Newest Generation LiFePO4 battery

Comparing with the regular solar light which only can work with low power or shorter time, we adopt the newest generation LiFePO4 battery, it has a longer lifespan, up to more than 3000 circles, and enable to work 12 hours continuously at least with 100% power output. Even at ambient temperature 75 degrees, the battery in the lamp still can discharge normally due to its high temperature-resistance.

Energy Pack

Energy pack is like a drawer which contains battery pack and MPPT, it has best waterproof to protect the lamp well. Meanwhile It's very easy to replace.

LED Chip

High efficiency long life LED module with SMD LED package mounted on MCPCB.Lumen efficacy of LED ≥220 lm/W.