Smart Solar Pole Light

Nomo solar pole lighting Combines remote centralized control and management of street lights through solar photovoltaic applications and ZigBee wireless communication technology, 4G communication, cloud computing, Internet of Things and mobile Internet technologies, with brightness adjustment, active fault alarm, Lamp cable anti-theft, visual remote control, and other sensor extension applications. Smart solar street lights can greatly improve the level of public lighting management, save power resources, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and increase additional revenue.

Urban street lights serve as the most dense urban infrastructure for information gathering and dissemination. Smart lighting is an important part of the smart city and the best entrance. Smart solar street lights are an effective support for the city. Low-power smart solar street light is the perfect embodiment of smart city new energy application.

Nomo intelligent outdoor lighting solution for Smart City comes with an upgrade option to become a public streetlight WiFi hotspot. Nomo in partnership with one of the most advanced routers and wireless ISP systems manufacturer is able to provide an easily installable wireless device which is carrying out the public internet hotspot function for the street lighting poles. Besides it support usb charger (charged service)

1.LED charger indicator light

2.Non slip pad surface

3.10w transmitter coil

4.Fanless design for quiet operation

5.Wirelss charging chipset control the current flow

6.Thermal protection sensor can dial back power for safer operation

7.Foreign object detection circuit to prevent conductive materials from receiving the power from the charger



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Smart Solar Pole Light
Smart Solar Pole Light
Smart Solar Pole Light
Smart Solar Pole Light
Smart Solar Pole Light


Weather station

This integrated weather station can be widely used in environmental detection, integrating wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity, noise collection, PM2.5 and PM10, CO2, and atmospheric pressure.


Wisdom lights integrated camera, video camera surveillance system as an intelligence front-end intelligence unit, uses efficient compression algorithm supports H.265 300-million-pixel high-definition network infrared ball machine, while supporting 10 behavioral analysis, anomaly detection 4. With PTZ functions, and timing setting 360 ° image capture; meet both the requirements that conventional road monitoring system covering the whole section of road video surveillance and the demand for high-definition video around the clock, at the same time it also introduces the full-screen video monitoring systems to detect, track video and identify license plate as well as other industry-leading intelligent video technology , meanwhile it can also visual a specific area by linking to alarm and emergency equipment

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is the transfer of power from a power outlet to your device, without the need for a connecting cable.