Square Helios

The square Helios pole light is based on the modification of the triangle lamp post, which is simple and generous. The four-sided high-efficiency solar panel tightly surrounds the quadrilateral Helios pole and the solar panel at the top of the led fixture to absorb the sunlight in all directions, so as to meet the long days ‘ backup demand. Built-in the battery and controller to the light pole, which is convenient for daily maintenance. With our IoT system, we can monitor and control the working mode of light at any time. The square Helios is more suitable for villa areas, Parks, Lakeside and other areas.

Luminous flux 12000lm
Colour temperature WW3200K;NW4200K;CW5500K(Customized)
Colour rendering index(CRI) > 85
LED life time (LM80) > 100000hours
Dimensions(L x W x H) 930x235x235mm
Weight 10kg(Approx)
Material Carbon Steel
Wind class 35m/s
Pole size 6000x235x235mm
Pole weight 90kg
Pole length 5m
Flange plate weight 17kg
Surface treatment Anodic oxidation
PV-Technology Monocrystalline silicon
Number of PV 9pcs
Pmax 360Watt
Pole solar panel size 1285 x 176mm
Pole solar panel Weight 2.4kg/pc
Dynamic light profile Customer-specific
Capacity 1560WH
Type Newest-generation LiFePO4 Battery
Dimensions(L x W x H) app. 328x143x85mm
Weight 8kg
ISO ISO 9001-2015
Illumination According EN 13201
Light pole EN 40-5, EN40-3-1, ISO 1461
Ingress protection rating IP65
EMC EN 55015, EN 61547
Photovoltaics EN 61215 (adapted)
Temperature range -15 °C to +70 °C
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Square Helios
Square Helios
Square Helios


LED Chip

High efficiency long life LED module with SMD LED package mounted on MCPCB.Lumen efficacy of LED ≥220 lm/W.


Batwing optical design with PMMA material, vastly improve the illumination area and has highly-uniform illumination. and transmittance rate is up to 94%

Newest Generation LiFePO4 battery

Comparing with the regular solar light which only can work with low power or shorter time, we adopt the newest generation LiFePO4 battery, it has a longer lifespan, up to more than 3000 circles, and enable to work 12 hours continuously at least with 100% power output. Even at ambient temperature 75 degrees, the battery in the lamp still can discharge normally due to its high temperature-resistance.