The 12th Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition Was Grandly Held

From March 3rd to 8th

the 12th Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition was grandly held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany.Nomo debuted with a series of star products such as HP1000 and Self-  cleaning solar street light.

Since 1999, the Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition has become an imporant international exhibtion in the professional field and one of the most influential intemational exhibitions in the industry. It is an arena with the highest technical level in the world’s lighting industy, representing The highest level of the lightng industy and the future direction of the lighting industry.


Nomo demonstrates the innovative technology and quality advantages of its products to customers from all over the world. Nomo’s products can be applied to various fields and scenarios, such as urban roads, campuses, parks, communities, factories, stadiums, tunnels, etc.


In the future,Nomo will paticipate in more international exhibitons, discuss new direcions and trends in industry development with exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, and showcase more new technologies and products to the world.