The 16000set project in Southeast Asia

Recently we have finished one big lighting project in Southeast Asia, and everyone was impressed. The previous requirement is 120w solar street light on 6 meters pole, but the final solution for this project is our HP-5000 model after on-the-spot investigation. Night view:
Day view:
NOMO all-in-one solar lighting system has been designed to provide extremely INTELLIGIOUS and economical lighting for a wide range of public and road lighting applications. It is using Smart street light management system with patent rights  by NOMO to control working brightness, dimming, maintenance, time planning, inspection, as well as a programmable MPPT controller for maximum efficiency and electrical conversion of the unlimited power of the sun directly to the powerful and compact LiFePO4 battery system. The head of the lamp has a very healthy lens that automatically ensures the output brightness properly. NOMO all-in-one solar streetlights are easy to use, do not require a separate battery, complicated wiring or settings.All you have do is install it with screws on the pole and press the “on / off”button. Lights will switch on automatically when the sun goes down and switch off automatically when the sun comes up.
Why clients chose us after so many times searching: 1.We use high brightness Philips 5050 LED Chip, which can reach up to 245lumen per watt (lm79/80 report), that means we can use less power to reach same lumen.and the battery can last for longer time. 2. The battery we usedisthe top level LiFePO4 battery,it’s originallyused for electrical bus, more than 6000 cycles make its performance outstanding all the time in the market. and It can work super well from -20 degree to 75 degree, 3.In order to get the best light distribution, our engineers work day and night to come up with this unique lens which has a transparency rate more than 97%.The long Rectangle Shape makes the distribution very even and elegant。 4. The whole light consisted of 4 separate modules which can separate each other easily, you just need to loose the screws , and replace the old energy pack with the new ones.(Normally will not happen unless the circumstance is terrible and operation wrongly) 5.The unique switch indicators help you to understand light work status easily .
Description Color of LED LED ON LED Blinking Remark
IR Rmission RED For sending the message to DTU( smart light control system’s part)
Charge RED It’s for PV,when PV is charging, the indicator is blinking
Status RED/GREEN When the solar street light works properly, the indicator is always on. When PV is charging, the indicator is blinking It’s for battery, if the indicator is blinking, the battery maybe over charge or short charge.
Load RED When the solar street light works properly, the indicator is always on. It’s for LED
IR Receiver RED For sending the message to DTU( smart light control system’s part)
6. The smart energy system which enables you to sit at home or coffee shop to check the work status of your light , battery charging and discharging, solar panel voltage a, led power , mppt controller temperature
With our persistence and passion in this solar street light industry , we have the confidence that more and more clients will  come to us all around the world. And we will becoming to the next stage and make more innovations.