The advantage of solar street light

With the high speed development of the world , more and more people realizes the importance of protecting our environment .and start to using clean energy such as solar power , wind power , nuclear power and water power.

Take led light industry as a example, now more and more people choose solar street light rather than pure ac light.

The advantage of solar street light
  1. Energy saving.. The solar street lights gets power from the sun directly , as long as there is good sunshine, solar street light will keep working and offer u strong light .
  2. Environment friendly .Since solar street light use solar power as energy sourse , there is no any pollution or noise .OR carbon dioxide generated .
  3. Easy installation. Solar street light especially all in one solar street light save you the trouble of dig hole and wire connecting which need many people and time ,Instead all u need is to put it on the top of the pole and fix screws, Job done .
  4. Economic. Compared to traditional led street light , solar street light can maintain for at least 5 years , and no need to change drivers every two years which would be costly .
  5. Safety. Since solar street light installation is free of Ac wire , so you no need to worry about the electric shock.
  6. Long lifespan, Compare to traditional led street light , solar street light especially all in one solar street light have a lifespan from 5-8 year , and due to the battery technology have a big jump in these years , solar street light battery cycles can be at least 4000@80% DOD .
  7. Better light distribution. with the specialized developed type ii PMMA lens, solar street light distribution more even.
Potential huge market . Now led competition comes hard and harder , and from 2015-2019 , the capacity shrinking more than 50 percent while d solar street light as a new energy product still have a very big potential market and a bright future

Nomo all in one solar street light uses high brightness  led chip and top level lifepo4 , with its super performance in government solar street light project , Nomo solar street light is well known all around the world , we keep innovation and develop new technology for solar street light , so far we have got more than 40 patents and a lot of international standard certifications such as ce ,rohs , CB, tis , NOM and ISO9001 and so on . From commercial to industry , small to big , Nomo solar street light now covers more than 9 series and can be perfectively used in any solar street light applications .