The solar street lamp control method

The gradual growth of energy demand and the gradual depletion of traditional energy have become challenges that people all over the world have to face. Therefore, when formulating policies, all countries put energy efficiency and sustainability first. The solar street lamp is usually composed of solar cell components, storage batteries, light sources, controllers (AC light sources also need an inverter), and other parts, is to ensure road safety lighting standards, while reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide impact on the environment. Traditional electric street lamps consume a lot of electricity every year and emit a lot of carbon dioxide, which seriously affects the human living environment. The solar street lamp has greatly eased this pressure. Through the PV effect, solar radiation can be directly converted into electrical energy. This energy is stored in a rechargeable battery and provided to the solar street lamp when it needs to emit light. Based on these advantages, the solar street lamp will gradually be used in our life.

There are three main control methods for the solar street lamp:
The first is the optical control method because the solar panel has a photosensitizing effect. During the daytime sunlight shines on the solar panel, the controller detects that the voltage of the solar panel is greater than the battery voltage, and the solar panel can convert the electrical energy and store it in phosphoric acid by absorbing sunlight. In the lithium iron battery, the controller detects that the solar panel voltage is lower than 2V when it is dark, and the battery supplies power to the light source, and the light source automatically illuminates. Therefore, the solar street lamp can automatically turn on after dark and turn off automatically after dawn. If it is a manually operated street lamp, it requires a lot of manpower and material resources. At the same time, people can easily realize that because the dark time is not fixed, when it is necessary to turn on the lamp, this is difficult to define, and because it is a manual operation, so sometimes you will forget to turn on the lights, and sometimes forget to turn off the lights, causing unnecessary waste of power and energy. Therefore, the best way to solve this problem is automation. And if the street lamp at night maintains 100% brightness, but there are many times when no one or vehicle passes on the road, if they are working at high brightness all night, this will be a great waste of energy for the solar street lamp.

The second is the time control method. Through the solar street lamp control system, the brightness of the solar street lamp will automatically execute the intelligent lighting mode according to the set parameters, with different brightness in different time periods.

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