Use scenarios of solar lights

With the increasing scarcity of earth resources, the cost of basic energy is increasing, and all kinds of potential safety and pollution hazards are everywhere. In recent years, people have been reminded by various kinds of nature, such as locust disaster leading to food production reduction or even crop failure in many countries, the global spread of COVID-19 caused many innocent people lost their precious lives, and so on.

People are more and more aware of the importance of environmental protection, and solar energy as inexhaustible new energy for safety and environmental protection is getting more and more attention. At present, the most widely used are solar lights, solar energy systems, etc.

Solar lights are mainly composed of solar panels, battery, MPPT controllers and LED light sources. The working principle of solar lights is simple. Using the principle of photovoltaic effect, the solar panel receives solar radiation energy during the day and converts it into electrical energy output, which is stored in the battery through the MPPT controller. At night, when the illuminance decreases gradually and the MPPT controller detects that the voltage of the solar panel decreases to a value, the battery discharges to the lamp head, and the solar lights turn on. So which places are more suitable for choosing solar lights?

1. Solar lights are used for street lighting in rural areas, towns, and other marginal areas.

Solar lights use LED light source, environmental protection, and energy-saving, low maintenance cost, not influenced by the AC power cut off and other advantages so that the rural solar lights becomes a new rural construction landscape. NOMO Hyperion solar street lights,Helios smart solar pole lights, Irobot self-cleaning solar street lights, etc. are good for these areas.

  • Solar lights are used for city square, parking lot, playground, park lighting, etc.

Large-scale urban activity sites need long-term lighting, which will consume a lot of electricity. Solar lights use LED light fixture, which saves energy and electricity. So it is a very effective way to replace the AC powered lights with solar lights in these places. NOMO Astro high mast solar street lights, Pallas Quad solar garden lights, Hyperion solar street lights, etc. are good for these areas.

3. Solar lamp is used for the golf course, bathing beach, high-grade villa area, and another lighting.

The lighting of these places need decorated landscape lights. Now, the landscape lights can also be powered by solar panels to produce landscape solar lights. NOMO Pallas Quad solar garden lights, Mini-Helios solar lawn lights, etc. are good for these areas.

4、 Solar lights are used for highway warning boards, bridge street lamp, and so on.

The power supply of highway warning signs and bridge street lights can be replaced by solar lights products, which can continuously and effectively supply power for highway warning signs and bridge street lights without frequent maintenance and save a lot of maintenance costs.NOMO Hyperion solar street lights, Helios solar street lights, etc. are good for these areas.

  • Solar lights are used for home garden lighting

Because the garden wiring is troublesome and there is leakage risk, it is very safe and energy-saving to install the solar lights in the garden. NOMO Mini-Helios solar garden lights, Selene solar wall lights, portable solar energy system, etc.are good for these areas.

We can see that there are a lot of places to install solar lights.The solar lights produced by NOMO has high efficiency up to 220lm/w and low energy consumption, which has been selected for many large projects abroad. We believe there will have more and more projects choose NOMO solar lights.

NOMO solar lights smartly light the world.