Solar panel plays a very important role in solar street light, any dirt accumulation on the solar panels will reduce electricity output by 3-15% (assuming solar panels that are manually cleaned 8 – 12 times a year). Therefore, maintaining panel clean can bring back those lost electrons and light system profit. NOMO auto cleaning system is light weight, driven by small and efficient electric motors. It can be programmed to prevent even small reduction in electricity production. Such as daily cleaning or as needed, at no extra cost. However it's done automatically, no supervision or the presence of an operator is needed during the process. This prevent the risk of working at heights, electric shock, etc. compared a manual cleaning.

The smart integrated internet system uses zigbee and GPRS communication technology to connect each solar street light. The entire system consists of a client user end, a single light controller and centralized controller. This system helps in displaying a real time performance, remote monitoring and management, smart tasks planning, email and SMS notification, intelligent early warning, Google Map Latitude and Longitude Control, Statistical data generating curve, User permissions, Geographical location function. It is an important part of a smart city.

Wireless and remote systems have made huge development over the past 15 years. These days numerous cell phones are outfitted with a WLAN connector. In the recent times the growth of the use of the technology has been increased dramatically. So the number of devices which need the connection also has been increased. Therefore to be in the pace of the growing world the wireless technology has also been increased and introduced the 5G. By this there are many benefits and there is high connectivity speed and bigger bandwidth .In the closest future, numerous cell phones will have WiMAX connector, other than their 4G, 3G, WLAN, and Bluetooth connectors. The 5G is the fifth generation of the standards of telecommunication hardware. It is also the general technology for mobile networking, passing the recent 4G.

NOMO All-in-one solar street lights use newgeneration LiFePO4 batteries as its important power bank for the street lighting system. The cycle life is about 4000 which is longer than normal Lithium batteries. We used the CATL electric core to make the batteries, our perfect designed energy pack can protect the battery from being influenced by other batteries at any conditions. The stable structure can be kept very well under continuous charging and discharging situations. The battery will not explode or burn even if it's on fire or after a short circuit. Additionally, our BMS system could effectively prevent the over-charge, over-discharge, over-temperature, etc. It is suitable for many usages/applications.

With the development of technology, the controllers we use have transitioned from the first generation PWM controller to the fourth generation controller.The 4th-generation controller is patented and was developed by NOMO engineering team. Based on the third generation controllers, our engineers have made improvements and innovations in the core technologies of software and hardware . MPPT tracking efficiency is ≥ 99.9%, the solar street light power generation efficiency is up to 98% and it enhances the system efficiency as well as reduces system costs.

Fourth Generation Controller

Compared with the third generation controller, the fourth generation controller is more efficient, and stable. Meanwhile it has an Internet of things function and solar panel auto cleaning function. It is now in use, we believe it will lead our newest smart all in one solar street light which is equipped with auto self cleaning system to become the market leader.

Unlike the Conventional solar cells that lose power over time because of corrosion and breakage, NOMO solar panel is designed to produce more energy in the same space over the first 25 years. NOMO Solar cells technology make more energy by absorbing every single drop of the sunshine. With its unique design and state of the art technology, NOMO solar cells have a high efficiency that is greater than 21%. Enjoy outstanding performance and savings with our elegant styling and impressive durable solar panel that offers a 25 years lifespan for decades to come.

NOMO smart solar street lights use CREE outdoor special high light efficiency beads, the normal power of each bead reaches 5W, the light efficiency of multi-core LED can reach 250LM/W which is 70% higher than the average brightness, the lifetime is more than 100000 hours. The chip is efficient and powerful enough to meet the most stringent design requirements while providing superior lighting for a wide range of applications.We independently design and develp Hyperion series solar street lights tailor-made T2 patented lens for road lighting which greatly improves the lighting effect and illumination uniformity.

The LED lamp module has a tailored waterproof silicne rubber ring, an independently developed and designed a high thermal conductivity patch aluminum substrate. The circuit of the aluminum substrate uses 16 LED beads as a group of parallel connection mode.The operation of beads are not affected by any damaged bead(s) and continue working properly. Our LED lamp module is installed on the self-developed high heat dissipation aluminium profile lamp body, so as to maintain the consistency of the temperature of the LED lamp module working at ambient temperature, making the LED module achieve almost no heating, thus greatly improving the service life of the LED lamp beads, making it more stable and reliable for a long time.