Counselor Xu Xiaofeng Visited the NOMO Poland Exhibition

On November 25th, Mr. Xu Xiaofeng, Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Poland, visited the Polish exhibition in person and had a conversation with Mr. Wang of our company on the spot. Focusing on the purpose of Counselor Xu Xiaofeng’s on-site investigation,Mr. Wang focused on the technical achievements of NOMO and […]

The 2022 Autumn Online Canton Fair ended successfully

The expanded and upgraded virtual China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, has injected new momentum into the further recovery of global economy and trade, experts said. In the preparation stage of the Canton Fair, Europe is experiencing a “storm” caused by a series of factors such as market, geography and […]

New Energy should be more widely used

An unusual and dangerous heatwave is baking the Northwest United States and western Canada, regions that are more synonymous with cold. Temperatures have been above 45.0°C for several days, with very warm nights in between. This unprecedented event killed many people and had multiple significant impacts: heat stress for people, animals, and vegetation; air quality […]

The 131st China Import and Export Fair

The 131st China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, concluded on Sunday(24th April 2022) in south China’s Guangzhou City. Due to the pandemic, this year’s fair was held online to connect global buyers and suppliers. Our Nomo group co., ltd has been one qualified member for Canton fair to join for many […]

Portable Solar Power Station – (future!)

carbon peak & carbon neutral= ( dual carbon) During september 2020, our China president had announced at the 75th united nations general assembly during an open debate mentioning : “ double carbon “, and determined that China will increase it’s contribution towards adopting much more powerful policies and measures striving to achieve at its peak with carbon […]

The Advantages of NOMO wall washer ELF solar light

Its light is relatively soft, and the color is also relatively diverse. At present, the styles of wall washer light are quite a lot on the market. but NOMO wall washer light can play a decorative role during the day and provide illumination at night. NOMO wall washer lights have different Lumens such as 5W, […]

The 130th Canton Fair ended successfully

The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held online and offline from October 15 to November 3, 2021, with a total exhibition period of 20 days. Our company participated in this five-day live broadcast of the Canton Fair online. At this point, the five-day 130th Canton Fair has come to a […]

Change the way you light up the world:Nomo NHP series debut

Change the way you light up the world with the NHP series Nowadays,everyone understands that solar energy is the cleanest energy source, and solar street lights play an important role in outdoor lighting.In order to bring light to the world,our company has been constantly innovating.After the efforts of many people, we have updated the HP series,and developed […]

The 129th Canton Fair ended successfully

On April 24, the 10-day 129th Canton Fair came to an end in the “cloud”. At present, the COVID-19 is still spreading globally, and the Canton Fair, which has been moved to the “cloud” as a whole for the third time, has achieved remarkable results. As one of the exhibitors of the Canton Fair, Nomo is […]

Congratulations to Nomo for reaching cooperation with Viper network

Congratulations on the cooperation between Viper network and Nomo. Relying on Nomo’s expertise in the solar field and Viper network’s outstanding solution capabilities, we will continue to provide customers with efficient, reliable and advanced services. This cooperation with Viper network is another breakthrough for our company in the new energy industry in 2021. In the […]

The evolving solar industry

2021 will come with global cheers and expectations. In the New Year, perhaps the COVID-19 will gradually disappear from people’s view, and instead the topic will be climate change and global warming.   In 2021, world leaders will meet in Glasgow, Scotland to participate in the 2nd World Climate Summit. The Glasgow Summit brought hope by […]

Choose solar smart light poles instead of solar roads

With the rapid development and application of solar energy, some people proposed the idea of using solar panels instead of traditional asphalt to build solar roads. For this reason, Wattway in France also took action and built a solar road. This solar road is called Wattway and is located in Normandy in northern France. , […]