NOMO presents solar energy smart lamp pole and other innovative achievements in B-Expo 2020

On August 6, the three-day Baoan Industrial Development Expo 2020 (hereinafter referred to as “B-Expo 2020”) and 2020 Shenzhen International Intelligent Equipment Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as “2020 smart Expo”) opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an New Museum). For the first time, the exhibition adopted the mode of “online cloud Exhibition + […]

Use scenarios of solar lights

With the increasing scarcity of earth resources, the cost of basic energy is increasing, and all kinds of potential safety and pollution hazards are everywhere. In recent years, people have been reminded by various kinds of nature, such as locust disaster leading to food production reduction or even crop failure in many countries, the global […]

The benefits of IOT Solar Street Light

NOMO Group, as a manufacturer of smart IoT solar street light with rich experience, has been committed to designing and producing smarter IoT solar street light. In order to make IoT solar street light smarter and easier to manage, in 2014, we established a professional software team, and the IoT technology is gradually applied to […]

Pole solar street light for Smart City

When it comes to street lights, the first impression of many people is LED lights. Strictly speaking, if you want to install street lights, you need to provide not only lights but also lamp poles, both of which are indispensable.The Helios pole solar street light developed by NOMO is a practical light that integrates LED […]

The solar street lamp control method

The gradual growth of energy demand and the gradual depletion of traditional energy have become challenges that people all over the world have to face. Therefore, when formulating policies, all countries put energy efficiency and sustainability first. The solar street lamp is usually composed of solar cell components, storage batteries, light sources, controllers (AC light […]

The advantage of solar street light

With the high speed development of the world , more and more people realizes the importance of protecting our environment .and start to using clean energy such as solar power , wind power , nuclear power and water power. Take led light industry as a example, now more and more people choose solar street light rather than […]

A good solar street light manufacturer

1. Choose a regular solar street light manufacturer, do not covet the low price of solar street lights. In many cases, we are often deceived by extremely low prices, which are seriously lower than the average market price. They can only be small workshops and small factories that cut corners. If you are in contact […]

What we can learn from the outbreak of COVID-19?

From the end of December 2019 to now, I believe you are no stranger to COVID-19. WHO named “2019 Corona Virus” refers to pneumonia caused by 2019 new Corona Virus infection. The Corona Virus was named “COVID-19” by WHO director-general on February 11, 2020, in Geneva, Switzerland. By 10:00 on June 12, 2020, 7,595,946 people […]

NOMO 2020 Annual Meeting & 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Although with the Outbreak of Covid-19 Worldwide, and All Government’s request for Immediate Lockdown and Prevention against Covid-19 is essential. The World has entered a stage of Epidemic Prevention. Therefore Our NOMO GROUP’S Annual meeting and Tenth anniversary Celebrations were held at our Factory Office, To Respect and stay indoors and Safe. During the last […]

NOMO AIO smart solar street light fully automatic production equipment

  NOMO is the first factory to produce solar street lamps with fully automatic production equipment, with accurate component positioning, more stable quality, and higher production efficiency. Some people may ask, solar street lights are so big, why does NOMO choose automated production lines to produce integrated solar street lights?   First of all, let’s […]

Plague of locusts raged many countries,Nature sounds the alarm

The desert locust disaster that has been raging in East Africa and South Asia for several months which has caused serious damage to agricultural production in many countries and many countries have declared a state of emergency. China’s locust disaster prevention and control team, after investigating the disaster in Pakistan, said that locusts are now […]

The 16000set project in Southeast Asia

Recently we have finished one big lighting project in Southeast Asia, and everyone was impressed. The previous requirement is 120w solar street light on 6 meters pole, but the final solution for this project is our HP-5000 model after on-the-spot investigation. Night view: Day view: NOMO all-in-one solar lighting system has been designed to provide […]